Rules are (really) just rules

This post is timely for me as I’m brushing up on my writing skills. What I’ve found by reading various posts and looking at writing sites is that different people have different approaches and those approaches have worked for them. While I won’t dismiss them, I think that I have to look for my niche and work it accordingly.


Before your actually start your writing project, it is likely that you’ve read some books about writing, or at least visited some websites that are for writers.

They are going to tell you a lot about how to write. The advice or rules they offer are probably useful, and those are going to be helpful, particularly when you are lost or uncertain.

But keep in mind that those are rules which aim to generally describe the writing process, they may not fit into every writing project. And it is likely that your project is one of the unique ones that goes against the rules or guidelines.

So don’t freak out when you think you are going against the rules. When your story is a great one, who cares about the rules?

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Writing Helper #4 – “Stephen King’s Top 20 Rules For Writers”

StoryChesire posted a compilation of insightul and helpful rules by author Stephen King.  I love this list because it’s straight to the point without fluff or a sugar-coating. Out of the 2o rules listed, the two that stood out for me were #1 and #10.

I believe it’s human nature to want our work to be great, accepted, and admired.  However, the truth is that some will like what we put out and others will give a simple meh. If we can be happy with our work, shouldn’t that be enough?  Of course, write for the audience, but should that be the major driving force?

When it comes to first drafts and editing, I’ve been causing myself more stress for the sake of meeting a self-made deadline.  I’m working on a first draft of a book now and my goal was to have this done by the end of this month.  Well, guess what?  It’s not going to happen.  Unfortunately, life intervened.  So I really appreciate the wisdom of Mr. King on this one.

Of the 20 rules, which stood out to you?  What would you add to the list?