Natural Hair, Scalp Psoriasis, and Hair Loss….Oh My!

black-woman-screamingIn July 2009, I made a decision to stop relaxing my hair.   This came as a result of research and discussions with co-workers on the effects relaxers have on hair.  For the next year I’d try various lotions, potions, and moisturizers to figure out what worked best.   One thing I found out was that my hair loves shea butter.

Skip forward to January 2011.  I had an itchy scalp that was beyond anything I’d experienced before.  There was a flake here and there so I though it was dandruff.  Wrong!  I spent a lot of money before I figured that out.  And on top of that, it made my scalp irritated, itchy, dry, and caused more scaling in the back of my head.  For the next couple of months, I conducted more research.  Some medical websites and random blogs suggested eczema or maybe psoriasis, but some of the symptoms didn’t seem to fit….or so I thought.  And by this time, I was losing some of my hair in the back of my head.  I took a leap of faith and tried tea tree oil and coal-tar.  Both were smelly messes, and I didn’t see a difference in my scalp or reduction in hair loss.  Back to the internet I went.  Once I’d exhausted the searches, it boiled down to my having to see a dermatologist.

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