It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

il_fullxfull.282473577Christmas is certainly in the air, and has been for quite some time.  Right after all the Halloween candies, costumes, and festivities, homes transform from white paper ghosts to decorative wreaths of red and green.  It’s almost as if Thanksgiving gets bypassed.   The only indicators may be a commercial here or there, or maybe a few aisles in the store decorated with fall leaves and Thanksgiving food items.  While I understand the marketing concept for the early reminders, sometimes I wonder if these things dampen the true meaning of these holidays.

For me, it does not.  Sometimes it helps to enhance.  The two times in the year that I really love are springtime and Christmas.  When it comes to  spring, I love the newness of life.  Birds chirping, beautiful blossoms of white, pink, and yellow, green lush lawns, and skies of pastel blue.  As for Christmas, I love this season because of the birth of Christ and all He represents, the colorful light displays in the residential areas, the smell of holiday cookies, and just the feeling of good cheer.

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