Tragedy of Writer’s Block


I have come down with a tragic case of writer’s block.  I have started on several different stories to post, but can’t seem to finish any of them.  I’ve tried stepping away and then coming back to write.  I’ve even tried looking at pictures and listening to music to get that spark back.  But alas, my mojo is on the fritz.  Woe is me….

Has this ever happened to you?  What did you do to get back on track?


Writing from a Photo Prompt

I’m finding that photos and images can provide a Good opening for creativity. When dealing with writer’s block it can be the spark to at least brainstorm a thought or feeling. And as the blogger mentioned, it could lead to questions which can help in writing about the answer.

Penguin Ponderings


I took this photo the last time I went to Africa. I played around with it a bit and changed it to black and white. I was hoping it would inspire me to come up with a little story about it, perhaps a witty caption. I’m still searching for a story for this photo to tell.

I’ve often read in writing magazines and online that a good way to start writing again, to beat blocks or boredom, is to use a photo prompt. Granted, most of the prompts you see are a little more advanced than this one. What I mean is, they have much more going on.

I like the idea of taking a photo and trying to come up with a story behind it. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or mind-blowing. But I like that it gets the creative and imaginative juices swirling. Well, it should. Currently…

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Writing When You’re Tired, Bored, or in a Bad Mood

Wow! Excellent questions and ideas to help with writer’s block or angst. This will be very helpful.

The Book of J. M. Lord

If you’re like most writers, you’ve probably had days when you just can’t get in the mood to write. Perhaps it’s a case of severe writer’s block where you’re staring at a blank screen thanks to a lack of drive or motivation. Maybe you’re tired after a long day at work. Or you’re just disillusioned and in a cranky mood thanks to life’s frustrations dragging you down and making you miserable. I find that times like these can actually prove to be a fertile source of new writing ideas and inspiration if you channel your thoughts properly.

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Defeating Writer’s Block 3: Do Not Edit

Wonderful insight for the perfectionist in us.

Broken Mirrors

I’m on this topic as I face a writer’s temptation, and to succumb to these snares sends one to the purgatory of a special kind of writer’s block. I write at a speed of approximately one chapter a night. Sometimes it’s more, often it’s less, but at a point I run into a wall and can’t move forward. At this point I take pleasure in the finer things in life, since I’ve already cleaned the house as an excuse not to write.

When I get closer to finishing, I do not appreciate this open space. I want to write all the time, dedicating every waking minute not at work to my literary pursuits, so there is now the temptation to edit. I want to print it out and start editing and fixing plot holes once I hit that wall of productive writing.

Often times, people don’t get this far without editing…

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Writer’s Block or Something Else???


Right now my brain feels as empty as the bubble above the lady’s head in the picture.   Well, maybe my head isn’t empty, per se.  🙂 I’m just having a moment of writer’s block.  I’ll have an idea and begin to write something, but it doesn’t make sense or there’s no where for me to go next.  I thought about just posting a collaboration of my illiterate ramblings, but don’t want to embarrass myself.

I will admit that there is a lot going on right now in my personal life, so it is possible that my brain is just overloaded to where it cannot connect the dots.  So, while I get over this issue of creativity I thought for the month of August I’d post tips about writer’s block from other wonderful authors and bloggers from WordPress.  Enjoy!


XOXO, Melanie Dawnn

Photo: faylamb

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