Build Your #Brand and Grow Your Audience: Our Best #Advice

We all have dreams we’d love to see become a reality.  And the plan for the new year may be to  break out big.  But how can we be successful if no one knows us or what we’re offering?

These tips by Krista Stevens may be the kickstart to building a brand that the masses will recognize and want.

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Whether you want personal or financial freedom or you started your labor of love to scratch a creative itch, you did it: you started your own business. Now it’s time to build your brand and grow your audience (and customer base!) with your business website.

Here’s a roundup of our best advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want their site to stand out from the crowd.

Branding ABCs: Simple But Striking Typographical Logos

You don’t need to hire a designer or spend a lot of money to make a positive first impression with your logo. This post offers excellent examples of memorable logos that use initials in creative ways and tips on how to make your mark.

Look for fonts with strong shapes, or try your hand at a drawing of your own. Every font has a broad personality like “simple” or “fun” or “sophisticated,” and more unusual…

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