4 Tips in Escaping That Void of #Writing Laziness – Guest Post By Patrick M. Greene

Today I’d like to welcome guest blogger, Patrick M. Greene, who provides practical advice every writer should consider to avoid laziness.  This is something I’ve struggled with from time to time when life or the “I don’t feel like it” hits. Patrick’s insight on setting goals, motivation, and better organization can be the jump-start from stagnation to productive writing.


When you’ve finally generated an appealing story or lead, one stiff question comes to play: how do I actually start this thing? Sadly, when a writer with an average resolve comes up dry on his first few attempts to write the introduction or sustain the intensity, it’s likely going to be a major slack off. Those overstated goals suddenly turn into movie marathons or binge eating.

After losing your purpose and getting rusty, you have to rekindle your inner drive. The writing world has no room for mediocrity. If you want to turn your story to the likes of J.K. Rowling or Stephen King, it’s all about consistency. But first, let’s identify the main influencers of procrastination in writing: Continue reading “4 Tips in Escaping That Void of #Writing Laziness – Guest Post By Patrick M. Greene”

Thread through History

Edith went to the trunk posted at the foot of her bed. She pulled out a piece of fabric that was actually a drab gray plaid blanket that she took from the ship. She laid it out on the bed, smoothing out the wrinkles. She was 23 years old back then. Now she was 40 dealing with a similar issue in a different time and place. She wanted to make better use of the blanket so she made a dress.

Edith turned the lackluster fabric into a masterpiece almost like Cinderella going to the ball. She cut and sewed each piece by hand using no pattern, only a memory of the types of dresses she made at the factory. The top of the dress was fitted with long-sleeves, a column of buttons down the front, and a flared skirt with pleats at the bottom. She used an old pillowcase to make the white Peter Pan collar and matching cuffs . She had sewn hundreds of these dresses, but this one was different. It would be special, for a special purpose.

The day arrived for Edith to wear her dress. She was proud and determined to accomplish the task at hand – to march Continue reading ->

The Rules of Procrastination — Sophie Speaks Up

We’ve all been there. Slacking, putting things off, brain fritz, you name it. Procrastination hits us at one time or another.  No matter how many times we “pencil” things on the calendar or set phone reminders, we find something to distract or pull us in the opposite direction. No amount of self pep talks work.  We’ll find an excuse.  That’s the determination.  Too bad that same determination can’t drive us toward productive writing.

The excerpt below is a humorous take on procrastination from Sophie Speaks Up.  Check out the rest in the link below. I’m sure many of you can relate just as I can.

I mean, excuses. 1) Thou shall not call it procrastination. Instead, call it “writer’s block.” You simply ran out of creative juices to continue working on your project. How are you supposed to do anything if you ran out of ideas and don’t feel creative anymore, right? 2) You’re NOT just watching random YouTube videos, […]

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#NewYear #Writing Habit – 2017 Edition

Happy New !!! **throwing confetti and blowing a party horn**  Welcome to my first post of 2017.  True to form, I’m starting the year with a post about goals.  But not just any goals.  Writing goals.

Finding time to write is a juggling act sometimes.  Add in the holidays and any family obligations and the time I set aside evaporates into thin air.

My major writing goal for 2017 is

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#Christmas Nostalgia: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Christmas is one of those holidays that brings love and good cheer.  It’s also one that triggers memories from childhood or moments with loved ones.  So I’m sharing a couple that crossed my mind this season. Enjoy!

Nativity in a One Light Town
In a small Virginia town, where the only traffic light’s hailed as a major fascination, one family dared to be different at Christmas. That family, led by a pastor and his wife, chose to share the true meaning of the holiday with everyone who passed their home.

Helping with this endeavor, the couple’s four-year-old placed straw in and around the manger for the plastic baby Jesus to rest while the ten-year-old wiggled Jesus’ synthetic parents into their hovering poses. The pastor secured the makeshift barn as his wife painted final touches on the wooden cutout animals.  He’d string a row of colorful lights along the porch awning, replacing the center bulb with a clear blinking light to resemble the star in the east.

From the outside looking in, the scene held an air of family teamwork and bonding over the layout of the Nativity.  Only those within, knew the sinister act that occurred Continue reading “#Christmas Nostalgia: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”

#Suicide Prevention: When Life Hurts Too Much

Financial Woes * Illness or Pain * Loss of a Loved One * Bullying * Loneliness * Family or Relationship Issues * Holiday Depression * Veteran PTSD * Overwhelmed with Life.

These are just a few reasons that some choose to end their lives.  They are our spouses, friends, neighbors, or even people who attend our church.  Each encounter, they may appear no different from any other occasion.

But the fact is so many people are in an indescribable pain that those of us around them have no clue about.  It’s after the time bomb goes off,

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