Thoughts on Writing – How Studying Movie Scenes Can Help With Writing Book Scenes

Get out of my head! Lol.  I kid you not, I thought about this very topic not long before seeing this post.

I was watching a couple of movies on Hallmark and the Up channels and thought about the transition between scenes, the character interactions, body language – the whole nine.  You took it a step further in analyzing how the scenes are being filmed.  Very impressive!  I’ll have to pay more attention to this in the future.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Stephanie Flint - Author and Artist

I’ve been thinking about how movies pace their scenes and use various shots to draw a viewer in. This started after watching an episode of Film Theorists (they’re a Youtube Channel): which talked about where some of the common elements of movies got their beginnings.

We can learn a lot about writing scenes in a book by studying the methods used in film. I’m mostly going to take a look at three primary shots used in movies and TV shows: the wide shot, the medium shot, and the close-up. There are several others, though, which can also be incorporated.

For today’s examples, I’m mostly going to be talking about dinosaurs. I recently made some edits to the Multiverse Chronicles story my husband and I are working on (Dragons and dinosaurs and dirigibles, oh my!) And since we watched Jurassic World a week or two ago, that movie is still on my…

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