Write-a-Thin – The Narratives by Champions


Late last year, I became a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA). I wanted a more centralized place to learn about the craft and industry as well as commune with fellow writers of the genre. So far the experience has been wonderful and very beneficial. In fact, the WFWA has a program called Write-a-Thin (WAT) taking place in February. I will be participating.

What is WAT you may ask? It’s a month-long, goal-oriented, support-for members-by-members project similar to NaNoWriMo. In a sense, it’s like a race towards the goal that you set for yourself. Along the sidelines are other writers cheering you on, giving advice and encouragement.

And just like running a marathon, pace is important. Doing too much, too fast could cause one to crash and burn. This is why I’ve set my goal to revising a minimum of 10 chapters of my draft – keeping in mind my current schedule, and the possibility that “life” may happen. Also, being a part of WAT will help me move closer to my 2016 goal to submit my first manuscript, and build stronger bonds with other members.

I’m very excited about this step in the journey. Wish me luck!

Photo: Sangudo 2011 Intact Canadian Derby Marathon via photopin (license)


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