Is That a Reflection I See???

Almost 2 1/2 years ago I wrote about the affect the passing of classmates had on me and my determination to accomplish goals.  Since then, I’ve achieved some of the items, but what I’ve learned most from everything is to make the most out of each day of life.  It is a blessing to wake up and be able to breath, see, move, eat, have clothes, shelter, and a job to go to.  A lot of people can’t say that.

Living in today’s world will have many of us balking or complaining about this or that.  It’s easy to do, but what does it accomplish?  Let’s be the positive change the world needs.

Melanie V. Logan

ImageThe last couple of months have been the most reflective for me when it comes to life and death.  No I’m contemplating suicide or anything like that.  I’ve had 3 classmates to pass away.  The first two within days of each other and the most recent this past week.  Each either didn’t  make it to 40 or barely did.

And then today as I drove to work, I sat at a traffic light for what seemed like forever.  It wasn’t an accident or construction, it was due to a lengthy funeral procession.  I wasn’t annoyed by the delay, just in awe.  There had to be at least 100-150 cars in the procession, with most having at least 2-3 people.  To me that’s a lot of love and respect being shown.  Whoever the individual was, they mattered and this made me stop to reflect on my life, legacy, and relationships.  Would…

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