100 #Word Quips to Make You #Laugh and Brighten Your Day

Everybody needs a good laugh every now and then.  And life with my husband can certainly provide the best medicine.  Below are my humorous accounts of such events.  Enjoy!


Usually when my husband and I run errands, he drives.  But on this particular warm Saturday, he asked me to take the wheel.

As we cruised along, he complained about everything – the route I took, how fast I drove, my inability to pass cars too slow for him, and on and on. When we reached the grocery store, I pulled into the parking space bearing the sign “Reserved Parking for Expectant Mothers or Families with Babies”.

Somewhat puzzled, he asked, “Why did you park here?”

Straight-faced I responded, “‘Cause you’ve been whining like a baby since we left home.”

When my husband and I prepared for a family cookout, we drove to a nearby store for food and supplies.  Circling the parking lot, I noticed the perfect spot a few feet from the store entrance.

Once we arrived at the parking space it became abundantly clear as to why it was vacant.   The sign read “Asshole of the Month”, or so I thought.  In reality it read “Associate of the Month”.

When I told my husband he laughed so hard his ribs hurt.  Once inside the store, he directed me to the optical area to have my eyes checked.

Photo: The Library of Congress Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lyman, Polish tobacco farmers near Windsor Locks, Connecticut (LOC) via photopin (license)







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