Learn To Write by Watching Television

Watching TV is one of my favorite pastimes behind sleep, writing, and reading. When I do vegetate in front of the boob tube, I take in more than the plot. I take into account whether my attention is drawn and what/how that is done, the setting, how the characters illustrate their lines, etc.  In addition, I consider the topic or subject matter and its relevance to me and society at large.  With all this information and detail, I use it to help me gauge whether my writing content is competitive, stirring a new direction, or needs to be reworked.

Does anyone else use this type of method for their writing? Does television influence your storylines?


If you had asked me ten years ago if I watched and followed any television shows I would have said ‘no’ and it would have been the truth.   I couldn’t be bothered to watch  anything on the small screen when I could catch up with friends, read a good book and browse the web.  Today of course I’m singing a different tune from a comfy corner on the couch.  I am something of a junkie albeit a Netflix ‘binge’ watcher and I probably should feel some shame for watching so much television and here’s why:

I should be writing in my so-called spare time. I have a story to edit (yay I completed the 1st draft of my story set in Downtown Vancouver) and fifteen more chapters (or so) to write for my WIP.

But I’m not embarrassed because watching the below shows has actually improved my storytelling skills…

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